About the Owners

Sara enlisted in the United States Army when she was 17 and quickly went up the ranks to become Sgt by the age of 21. She enlisted in the Army Reserves so she could make her way through college where she is majoring in Arabic to help with her military career. She has been in the Reserves since 2013 and has had one deployment. During her deployment, she was able to use her linguistic skills to speak with Iraq natives to help her team accomplish the missions.

Nick enlisted in the United States Army in 2009 in the National Guard infantry. He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2011-2012 where he intercepted Taliban routes, which were bringing in ordinances from Pakistan. He has done several other missions during his career. He later switched to the Army Reserves.

Sara has been a Pest Management Professional since 2014 when she turned 18 and could get her license to work with her Dad and help build the business. Her dad recently relocated to North Carolina, giving Sara and Nick an opportunity to build the business even further by themselves. They both have a passion for continuing education in the Pest Management field to better their knowledge and eliminate pests as fast, efficiently, and safely as possible.